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[Shownotes] Build Up: The Homebuilder Podcast

As the editor of Build Up: The Homebuilder Podcast, I also write the shownotes for every episode. For season one, we posted them on our blog and sent them out via email. But for season 2 onwards, they were exclusively available for our email subscribers. You can find all 10 shownotes for the first season on ZGM's blog, but here's a snippet from our episode on content marketing.

"Don't get trapped in the Valley of Disappointment

Even with a robust, consistent strategy and schedule, inbound marketing takes time to provide results. Instead, focus on how your content strategy impacts your internal team positively. Your sales team can make a greater impact on customers by having branded resources to share. Your customer service team could cut down on time spent searching for answers to questions. As long as everyone is aligned on your team and you set long-term goals rather than short-term for your content strategy, you won't get trapped in the Valley of Disappointment."



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