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[Editorial] Lifestyle Blog

Originally posted October 26, 2022

Lifestyle blogging has been on the rise in the last decade, and I can see why—it's fun to write, easy to read, and can be inspirational! For this blog, I tried my hand at some editorial decor content but with the added twist of keeping everything nature themed, since part of my client's brand is being outdoorsy and family-friendly.

"When the seasons change outside, switching up your décor inside your home will keep it feeling fresh! Now that the leaves are changing colours and there’s a chill in the morning air, it’s time to put away your summery linens and bright florals, and instead bring out the cozy fall décor! With Wolf Willow being just steps away from the beautiful Fish Creek Park, we pulled some fun DIY décor ideas inspired by the nature reserve to decorate your new home."



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